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Want to give a boost to your business website or increase traffic to your latest blog that you’ve just launched but don’t want to wait for your SEO campaign to start attracting organic traffic? Buy instant website traffic with CRUNKTRAFFIC, your one-stop solution for instant website traffic with 100% genuine traffic generated from authentic sources.

Our website traffic services can help boost your search engine ranking in a specific country or establish a global presence with assured phenomenal business growth.

What is instant website traffic?

Instant website traffic is the number of visitors coming to your website right after you sign up with CRUNKTRAFFIC’s services and choose the desired package according to your requirements and budget. Our instant traffic beats different metrics and ranges in quality. Some of the most important ones include the website traffic volume, bounce rate, return rate, visited pages, and time on page. With CRUNKTRAFFIC, you have total control over all these metrics.

Reasons to Buy Website Traffic from CRUNKTRAFFIC?

CRUNKTRAFFIC has been in the industry for years, committed to delivering quality traffic services with assurance of real traffic from legitimate users. Our goal is to make a big impact in the digital marketplace. So, when you choose us for your needs to buy online traffic for your website, you know that you’re dealing with the best, and you’ll receive quality traffic services at the lowest prices. Buying quality traffic online has never been easier and more affordable than it is now. Our packages are customizable and can be adjusted according to your budget.

Cheap Website Traffic – The biggest challenge for website owners is to attract more visitors to their business websites or blogs. While SEO is an affordable way to generate organic visits, it takes a long time —months or even years. CRUNKTRAFFIC brings you the cheapest way to drive traffic to your website instantly. We also offer discount packages so you can save more and get more traffic at a fraction of the cost, making CRUNKTRAFFIC the cheapest way to buy instant website traffic.

Best Web Traffic – We, undoubtedly offer the cheapest packages to buy online traffic. However, this does not imply that we employ cheap and unethical ways to bring traffic to your website, such as bots. We ensure that you get the best website traffic, and the price-per-quality ratio is simply unbeatable.

Real Human Web Traffic – At CRUNKTRAFFIC, we proudly claim to have the largest network of real humans working for us from across the world. When you buy traffic from CRUNKTRAFFIC, we will start sending traffic to your website, and the best part is that all the traffic originates from real humans with unique IP addresses. It makes the website more genuine even for search engines, thus increasing your ranking.

Guaranteed Website Traffic – No fake claims made or cheap tricks used; CRUNKTRAFFIC is a trusted platform where we provide you access to the millions of real web users available on extensive networks daily. When buying instant traffic, we guarantee you’ll witness all the statistics in your Google Analytics, which is the market’s most popular and trustworthy website traffic tracker.

100% Unique Visits – Unlike the other platforms that start sending traffic to your website using bots, we work with real humans. So when you subscribe to our services to increase traffic to your website, you get targeted visitors and thousands of visits per day, each of them from a unique source.

Buy Instant Traffic For Any Website

For years, CRUNKTRAFFIC has been dealing with businesses of all sizes and natures, making us the industry leader in  increasing traffic to your website. We work with clients from various industries:


Give a boost to your blog website’s online presence with real traffic coming to your informative news and blog articles. Millions from our network will start visiting your blog website within days. Buying instant blog traffic has never been easier.

E-commerce Websites

Increase your chances to sell more products online with thousands of new page views by unique visitors on your e-commerce website. Our e-commerce website campaigns are designed differently to help increase your sale graph.

Hospitality Websites

Running a business in the hospitality industry, like a hotel, tour agency, restaurant, resort, car or taxi rental, casino, etc., can be challenging. But you get direct traffic to your hospitality website with CRUNKTRAFFIC for a stronger market presence.

Healthcare Websites

Whether running a local dental clinic, a medical spa, or a multi-specialty hospital, getting target traffic to your healthcare business website can be challenging in this cutthroat market. We’re here to help increase your market presence and promote your business among global or local users with our instant traffic services.

Entertainment Websites

Get high-quality instant traffic to your website and keep them engaged with interesting and interactive content. We customize your plans according to the people looking for the best entertainment websites as well as our network of users who’d like to explore your content.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know the traffic is real?

The best way to know this is to check on Google Analytics. Since Google Analytics only shows actual website visitors, you can trust it. We ensure 100% real traffic to your website.

Why should I buy from CRUNKTRAFFIC when I am getting cheap deals?

Not every agency offering instant traffic services will send real traffic to your website. Many of them will simply use bots to manipulate the numbers, but we never follow such cheap tricks.

Will more traffic also help me with Google Tanking?

Yes, Google gives more preference to the websites with more traffic when allocating page ranking. The more visitors you have, the higher will be your website’s ranking.

What is a good website traffic percentage?

The ideal percentage of return visitors to your site should be around 30%. So, if your website has around 50% website traffic, it would be considered good.